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Are you struggling to find Erlang/Elixir Talent for your team?

We offer bespoke hiring plans to ensure your key projects aren't delayed due to a lack of resources

Contingency Hiring 

This makes up most of our placements, we will go into the market to find candidates that fit your job specifications & budget, whilst we'll qualify all candidates for you on a video call, they'll be screened by your interview process & hired as a full time employee.
This is low risk
for you as we work on a 'no cure, no fee' basis, meaning we don't invoice a penny unless you find a suitable hire.
Our standard fees for contingency recruitment are 15% of the applicant's first 12 months' salary, however this can rise for exceptional payment agreements (if agreed in advance)

Contract Hiring 

We do have a number of clients that prefer to hire external contractors on a short term or project basis. We have a database of candidates that regularly update us on their availability, we can often produce multiple resources for a single project at short notice.

In-house Solutions 

Depending on your specific needs, we have the ability to embed ourselves into your internal team. 
Our services can include some of the following:

  • Dedicated sourcing time for your role, we can represent ourselves as Internal Recruiters for your company 

  • Carrying out non-technical screening interviews to take pressure of internal employees

  • Offering consultancy on job specifications, hiring processes & general Elixir-specific enquiries


Hayden Evans


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