Recruitment shouldn't take up all of your valuable time.

Here's our options for hiring:

Permanent On-Demand 

Our permanent recruitment offers businesses an opportunity to find, attract and keep the best Elixir and Erlang talent across the market. With a pool of expert candidates Beam it can bring the specialists to your table from anywhere in the world. With flexible payment terms and a bespoke screening process we make your hiring, simple.

How we help you hire the best: 

  • Initial Consultation - Here we will discuss job requirements, ideal skillset and vacancy details of this required role. 

  • Tailored Search - We utilise our existing database, the local marketplace and a passive candidate search to find the best talent for the position at hand. 

  • Process Management - We look after the interview booking, candidate preparation and keep the individual up-to-date and engaged through to offer stage. 

  • Onboarding and Job Satisfaction - As an extension of your existing HR team we are on hand to help with the swift onboarding and starting process throughout. Keeping posted with the candidate throughout their first year to ensure they are happy. 

Flexible Contract 

Need a short term Elixir or Erlang specialist to help on a project? Need a contracted consultant to get your team up-to-speed? Whatever your needs are we can help your business hire contracted professionals around the world. With our in-house database created and developed to allow us to build long-term, long-lasting relationships; we network with Elixir/Erlang contractors, online and off, on a daily basis.

Each contractor you receive from us will be screened and selected on four standard levels:

  • Proven skill set to meet project requirements

  • Relevant project experience to add value

  • Personality and motivational assessment to meet demands to the project, e.g. commitment to re-location

  • Compliance and background checks, from qualifications to visa requirements.

In-House Solutions 

Beam it has the flexibility to join your existing in-house recruitment team as a part of a collaborative drive to upscale your Elixir / Erlang development team. From previous experience this offered a client a more affordable and accessible way to achieve their hiring goals, with a close relationship with all internal teams associated with recruitment cycle from HR, Line managers to procurement and finance.

The benefits:

  • Full account management, accelerates and simplifies recruitment cycle across all client touch points

  • Single point of contact, dedicated to your hiring needs

  • Time to hire reduced, full pipeline

  • Absolutely best fit candidate, especially culture fit, as deep insight of client and candidate

  • Diverse workforce, access and reporting

Our FAQ's 

Do you only place candidates in Europe? 

Absolutely not! We are based here in the UK but can help with requirements across the world and in any timezone. Reach out to discuss and we would be happy to help.

Is finding the right hire through Beam it going to be more expensive than standard agencies?

We believe in a more affordable and accessible recruitment approach to allow for all businesses to find the right Elixir and Erlang talent they need. Thats why we work around flexible payment terms, helping you hire more efficiently. 

How are you different from other agencies?

We are BEAM specialists, we only work with companies that are running it in production.

How do I get in touch to discuss an open role I need help with?

Hayden and the team are on hand anytime to discuss and work around any open requirement you may have. Drop me an email here at or book a call with us using the link here

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