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With many years experience working closely with Elixir and Erlang specialists we know how to get the most from your recruitment needs. 

With one of the largest talent networks of Elixir and Erlang professionals across the globe, we are specifically tailored to offer bespoke recruitment solutions whatever your hiring needs are or whatever role you are looking for next. 

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Redefining Workforce Solutions

We are a niche recruitment agency focused solely on the placing of passionate Erlang/Elixir candidates into businesses that are running the Beam virtual machine in production. Working closely within technical managers and recruitment teams to diversify their hiring drive and attract the best talent. Anytime. Anywhere. 


From a candidate perspective we believe in growing a natural network of specialists across the world. Bringing them the best opportunities the market has to offer. From juniors to seniors, from In-office to remote, we are here to help! 

How We’re Different

Work With The Market Experts

Tailored Recruitment

We are a small agency and that is at the heart of everything we do. From local knowledge to personalised approaches and tailored processes. We at Beam It are always happy to discuss hiring needs, job vacancies or market knowledge to help you find what you need. Feel free to use our document drop off to send us your newest CV to keep posted on job updates or your Elixir/Erlang job specification that you need some help with!

Market Specialists 

We are Elixir and Erlang specialists. That means we understand what constitutes to a good opportunity, a talented candidate and the technical aspect of the role at hand. We also hold a pool of specialised candidates that we try to bring to the table and find the best match in a new role; through the right cultural and technical fit at that organisation. 

Global Knowledge

After finding success in the global market, we have placed candidates from: UK, Ireland, France, Germany, USA, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Poland, India, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Colombia, Argentina, Slovakia, Slovenia, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Netherlands & Czech Republic (27 different Nationalities off the top of my head! Sorry if I missed you!). How's that for diversity? Showcasing our true ability to find and source specialists all over the world. 

What the people are saying

“Hayden’s network of candidates is superb. In a short period of time he was able to connect us with many talented candidates after we struggled to deal with generic recruiters. I will recommend Hayden’s outstanding services to anyone who is looking for Erlang talent.”

— Alex Kokush, Director of Technology

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