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Meet the Team


Hayden Evans 

Founder/Managing Director

After 5 years recruiting in the BEAM market at a larger agency, I branched out to start up my own business in early 2020. 

You can contact me for any Erlang or Elixir hiring enquiries. 

Outside of work you’ll find me: Watching football (West Ham, COYI), comedy (IT Crowd, The Office) or anything nerdy (MCU, Star Wars)

Check out my interview with Sasa Juric here: - 2023-01-05T142307.090.png - 2023-01-05T142203.316.png

Abbie Freeman

Elixir & Erlang Recruitment Consultant

My role at Beam it is to help Developers who are passionate about Elixir & Erlang to find their next perfect role and to help clients to successfully grow their teams. I mainly focus on the European market so please feel free to reach out if I can help you with your job search or hiring needs 

My article offering tips for those new to Elixir

Outside of work: You’ll find me baking lots of treats for friends & family 

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Danny Puttock

Elixir Recruitment Consultant (US)

My role at Beam it is to source passionate and talented candidates for top jobs in the BEAM community, mainly in the US

Check out my article on Elixir in the US:

Outside of work: I'm a massive football fan, and have attended over 600 Chelsea games both in England and abroad, watching them win everything!

Ted Teddington

Stick Acquisition Officer

Woof woof woof

I can’t write articles, I’m a dog:

Outside of work: (translated) I like walks obviously, can we go on one now please? Oh and biscuits, do you have any biscuits? 

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